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The Eight Most Important Qualities for a Good Working Dog

From aiding the less able, to hunting or retrieving, all the way through to rescue and even sled work, today’s working dog is a marvel of achievement.

VetSpec produce effective and scientifically formulated canine supplements for all types of dog, including the working dog. They’re here to run through the qualities that allow a working dog to complete its job effectively and efficiently.

Focus and concentration

A good working dog needs to be able to sustain its attention on the task at hand for as long as necessary, staying focused on its handler or master and not getting distracted by external stimuli.


They should be faithful, dedicated, and committed.


The best working dogs love their work, and throw themselves into their daily tasks with enthusiasm and a simple joy for life that is great to see, as well as highly effective when it comes to getting the job done.


Handlers need to know that their dog will do what they’re told, when they’re told to do it, preferable without hesitation. This discipline should be based on consistency and trust, not fear.


Many working dogs are the canine equivalents of our Olympic athletes; strong, fit, and capable of getting their job done speedily and within the dogs’ ability level.


The best working dog will be so tuned-in to their owner or handler that they will respond to their needs and wishes without any overt communication being required; the small tell-tale signals that often go unnoticed by humans are a working dog’s way of reading their master, and they will act on these without having to be asked.

Perfect condition

Working dogs should also be in superlative physical condition; a supplement like Vetspec’s ‘Active’ will provide everything they need.


They should have the necessary energy and enthusiasm to get the job done, but have a balanced and calm temperament that makes them easy to be around when they’re not working, too.