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Dog Anxiety

An anxious dog is an unhappy dog; they’re unable to relax and enjoy the things they should in life, like food, exercise, interaction, and relaxation. But what causes dog anxiety? Often by understanding the root causes of a problem, we can address the symptoms more effectively.

VetSpec are suppliers of canine supplements, based on the latest international scientific research, formulated by nutritionists, and approved by veterinarians. They’re here to discuss some of the causes of dog anxiety.


Some breeds and types of dog tend to be more highly strung than others, and therefore more susceptible to dog anxiety, although this is a generalisation to which there are plenty of exceptions.

Puppy problems

Early on in a puppy’s life, incorrect bonding or separation from their mother can cause anxiety later in life.

Conditioning issues

If the young dog’s training isn’t undertaken in a knowledgeable, consistent fashion during the important developmental months and years of their life, they can become unsure of their position and boundaries in life, which can lead to anxiety and other problems.

Lack of routine

Dogs prefer to know what to expect in life, and a lack of routine can undermine their sense of security.

Physical ailments

Underlying pain or discomfort can cause a dog to become uneasy and anxious. These basic issues can often go unnoticed and manifest simply as a behavioural problem, rather than a physical one.

Lack of exercise

Exercise is crucial for a healthy and happy dog, and many types and personalities of canine will display negative effects if they don’t get enough physical stimulation.

Insufficient interaction

Dogs need company, preferably from both a consistent human presence and from other canines. Many hours spent alone or an overall lack of attention and connection may result in dog anxiety.

To treat dog anxiety with an expert and scientifically based solution VetSpec’s ‘Calm and Focused’ supplement is a natural calmer that helps reduce stress and dog anxiety, reduces fear of loud noises and separation, and improves focus and obedience.