Springers On Form With VetSpec Calm & Focused Formula

Is your dog anxious, excitable or does he suffer from anxiety and problems with focus and obedience?

We have the answer with VetSpec Calm & Focused Formula, a 60% chicken with added vegetables and herbs, cereal-grain-free, super premium dog food which includes veterinary specification supplements.

VetSpec Calm & Focused Formula Complete Dog Food

VetSpec Calm & Focused Formula Complete Dog Food

Said Rebecca Barton, who runs a small kennel of gundogs in County Wicklow, Ireland: “I heard about VetSpec as I already used the TopSpec range of equine feeds for my Thoroughbred horses and then met the team at Dublin Horse Show and they introduced me to the range of VetSpec complete dog food.

“I use the entire VetSpec range to feed my gundog team of Springer Spaniels. I really like the flexibility to be able to switch from one formula in the range to another as the dogs’ work increases and decreases.

1 Rowantree Dan - please acredit to Jan Evans, Polarstar Photography Springer“VetSpec Calm and Focused Formula is a particular favourite of mine for the competing dogs to help them give 110% in trials and tests. My dogs work exceptionally hard during the shooting season and look as good on the last day of the season as they did on the first!”

VetSpec Calm & Focused Formula is ideal for dogs that get anxious and over-excitable or suffer from separation anxiety or fear of loud noises like fireworks.

It is also very helpful when training young dogs to improve on their focus and obedience. Its formulation includes tryptophan, prebiotics and magnesium together with biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin.

It is wheat-gluten-free with no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours and is available in 2kg or 12kg bags.

(Images courtesy of Jan Evans, Polarstar Photography)

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