Teddy’s Trim Again With VetSpec SuperLite Low Calorie Formula!

Teddy – a working Cocker Spaniel – was bought as a puppy from a game keeper in Yorkshire and it was love at first sight for owner, Sally Paybody.

But when Teddy was just six-months-old, he developed a limp which, after veterinary investigation, was found to have been caused by one of the bones in his left front leg had stopped growing, causing the over bone to bow. This meant Teddy had to have an operation to cut, pin and plate the bone. Although he was still a pup, he was a very good patient, being very compliant and making a full recovery after several months.

However when he was two-years-old, he started limping again and had to have the pin and plate removed. This meant he had to be exercised on a lead and as a consequence, he gained weight.

Teddy (Before losing weight)

Teddy (Before losing weight)

Sally was advised to put him on a diet and so decided to try VetSpec Superlite Low Calorie Formula – a brand new food which contains an outstanding veterinary specification supplement within a cereal-grain-free, super premium dog food including 50% chicken with added vegetables and herbs, but providing 20% less calories (compared to a normal food) when fed at the recommended amounts. This meant Sally could control Teddy’s weight but still feed a delicious feed, packed with the high quality vitamins and minerals that he needed on a daily basis. 

VetSpec SuperLite Low-Calorie

VetSpec SuperLite Low-Calorie Formula

Teddy needed to lose about 4kg and so Sally monitored his diet carefully, cutting down on snacks and continuing to exercise him as much as his disability allowed. He was weighed and measured every week at the vet’s and in about eight weeks he was back to his ideal weight of around 17kg.

Teddy at his new slim weight

Teddy at his new slim weight

Now that Teddy has reached his target weight, Sally is able to maintain it by changing from VetSpec SuperLite Low Calorie Formula onto one of the regular VetSpec maintenance adult foods and opted for VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility, due to Teddy’s ongoing mobility issues. 

Said Sally: “Teddy is keeping his new weight well withVetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula which is an integral part of his ongoing maintenance treatment. He’s a loveable dog with a great sense of humour and despite having lots of invasive procedures at the vet’s, he still loves going there!”

VetSpec SuperLite Low Calorie Formula is ideal for dogs like Teddy that need to lose weight as well as less active dogs and greedy dogs that need the recommended rate of a dog food but with less calories. It contains biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin. Prebiotic fibre and herbal sources help maintain gut health and it is wheat gluten- free, with no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours.


VetSpec SuperLite Low Calorie Formula complete dog food is available in two sizes: 2kg (£13.94) and 12kg (£49.94).

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