Kodi Toes The Line With VetSpec Calm & Focused

Kodi, an eight-year-old Beagle, had always been a strange character.

Said her owner, Emma West, from North Lincolnshire, “The breed is well-known for its reputation for delinquency and selective deafness, and being a hunting dog they can also be prone to wanderlust, but Kodi seems to have difficulty with communication. It’s almost as though she doesn’t understand what people and other dogs are wanting from her. She has always been very wary of strangers and almost nervous of them and was quite reactive to other dogs when on walks.”

Kodi 2

Emma, who is a dog trainer and qualified animal behaviourist, decided to try VetSpec Calm & Focused.

VetSpec Calm & Focused is a canine supplement that can help improve your dog’s concentration and obedience, reduce fear of loud noises, strangers, travelling, and help with separation anxiety. It is specially formulated by experienced nutritionists with scientifically proven ingredients including tryptophan, a natural precursor of serotonin, and the yeast products FOS and MOS to help maintain a healthy gut environment. It is wheat gluten free with full traceability of all ingredients.

VetSpec Calm & Focused

VetSpec Calm & Focused

Said Emma, who has owned Kodi from a 10-week-old puppy:  “We put her on VetSpec Calm & Focused in August 2016 and I can’t believe the difference in her! She has responded really well to the supplement and is much more sociable on walks, more willing to interact with people and more loving. She’s not as wary of new people in the house – before she would bark continuously but  now she may have a quick bark but immediately comes up to greet them. She even offers her belly to be rubbed now and that’s something that she would never do before. Of course we still continued with her usual training but Calm & Focused has really improved her confidence and calmed her down, and because she’s calmer, she is more willing to listen too.”

VetSpec Calm & Focused can simply be added to your dog’s normal feed. A 500g tub will last a 20kg dog for 12 weeks. Also available in a 200g tub (4 weeks supply for a 20kg dog).

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