Boris Beats His Bug With Help From VetSpec

Boris, the Springer Spaniel, was heading for the local dog charity’s rescue centre at just six-months-old, but when Lincolnshire dog-lover, Suzanne Lee, heard this, she immediately offered him a home.


He settled in well but seemed to have a permanently upset stomach, with very loose, watery stools, so Suzanne tried different types of dog food to see if that was the problem. But the diarrhoea continued and then Boris started to be sick and lost 2kg in weight in just a few days so was rushed to the vet.


The vet took blood and stool samples and these came back confirming that Boris had a giardia parasite in his gut, most likely to have been from drinking dirty water, as well as a campylobacter infection. Because all Suzanne’s other dogs were fine, the vet suspected that Boris already had the problems when Suzanne took him on.


He was given a course of treatment and seemed to be clear after a few weeks, but then the diarrhoea started up again and tests showed the campylobacter infection was still present.


Suzanne wanted to give Boris the best chance of recovery so as well as him being on the antibiotics from the vet, she put him on VetSpec Healthy Dog.

healthy dog (smaller file)

VetSpec Healthy Dog is an all-in-one canine supplement to optimise health and condition and is especially suitable for the nutritional support of dogs recovering from veterinary treatment and/or dogs with gastro-intestinal problems. Suzanne simply adds it to Boris’ normal feed.


The formula contains scientifically proven ingredients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, which can improve the coat, promote a supple skin and help to build muscular condition. It also includes high levels of pre and probiotics to help maintain gastro-intestinal health.


Said Suzanne: “Boris quickly picked up and he soon put on the 2kg he had lost, regaining his liveliness.”


“His coat improved and was shinier than before and his stools became more solid. I am sure that VetSpec has helped aid his recovery following his course of antibiotics to clear the second infection.”

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