Golden Oldie, Pippy, Continues To Enjoy Life With VetSpec

At the age of 15, Pippy the Beagle is continuing to enjoy life as long as she can, despite having to overcome several challenges in recent years.

About three years ago she developed a recurring tumour in her mouth which resulted in several operations and the loss of some teeth. She also contracted a pseudomonas bacterial infection in her lip folds near to the tumour, which is resistant to antibiotics and causes her mouth to be a bit sore and smelly. Due to her age she is also now quite deaf and partially blind.

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In recent weeks, Pippy’s owner, Emma West, from North Lincolnshire, had noticed that Pippy seemed a little less active and slightly disorientated on occasions and had started to lose a little weight.

Emma has owned Pippy from being an eight-week-old pup and she was Emma’s first dog so they have grown up together.

Said Emma (22): “I know Pippy is a good age and her days are probably numbered now but she still enjoys life and runs around the garden with my other two dogs – another younger Beagle and a Border Terrier.”

“I heard about VetSpec Senior and thought I’d try her on it as I thought it may help with her general health and well-being and I want to make her life as easy as possible.”

VetSpec Senior provides complete micro nutritional support and a full joint supplement for older dogs.



It is formulated by experienced nutritionists with scientifically proven ingredients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Rich in glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin to optimise joint mobility, VetSpec Senior also contains pre and probiotics to help maintain gut health. It is wheat gluten free and has full traceability of all ingredients.


VetSpec Senior is ideal for elderly dogs, dogs with reduced mobility, dogs showing signs of senility, older dogs that are losing condition, dogs needing gastro-intestinal support and those recovering from surgery or veterinary treatment.


It is available in 200g tubs (4 weeks supply for a 20kg dog) or 500g tubs (12 weeks supply for a 20kg dog). Simply add to your dog’s normal food.


“Said Emma: “Pippy definitely seems more like her old self since starting her on VetSpec Senior.  She still thinks she’s a puppy and races round the garden with the other dogs, despite her eyesight not being brilliant. Her mobility is very good, though, particularly for her age and I am sure she is less confused these days. She eats up really well and hopefully will continue to enjoy her life as long as possible.”



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