A New Lease of Life for Maple – Thanks to VetSpec Joint Mobility

Has your dog’s mobility been affected by weather this winter? The colder temperatures can highlight mobility and joint problems, so if your dog is a little stiff getting around or going upstairs or reluctant to jump into the car, perhaps he needs a little extra help.


VetSpec Joint Mobility is a highly specified canine supplement ideal for all dogs to support joint flexibility and aid the natural anti-inflammatory process.

VetSpec Joint Mobility

VetSpec Joint Mobility

It is specially formulated by experienced nutritionists with scientifically proven ingredients including glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin and antioxidants.


VetSpec Mobility is ideal for dogs with poor mobility, arthritic dogs requiring nutritional support, older dogs, dogs in hard physical work and those recovering from skeletal injury or limb and pelvic operations.


Said Mark Brown: “I have been using the VetSpec Joint Mobility supplement just over six months and I have to say, the results have been nothing short of outstanding. My 13-year-old Labrador Retriever, Maple, was really struggling to get around the garden and looked to be in pain, even when just walking. Using the supplement has given her a new lease of life, she is moving with complete ease now and has been able to work a full day picking up on the shoot this season which, given her age and the volume of work on a shoot day, is incredible.

Mark and Maple

Mark and Maple

“I am not normally convinced in the science behind these supplements but I can honestly say that VetSpec has changed this dog’s life and I would not hesitate to recommend the product to anyone who has a dog suffering with joint problems and mobility issues. I will certainly be using it in my kennels now and in the future.”


It is available in 200g and 500g tubs and can simply be added to your dog’s normal feed. A 500g tub will last a 20kg dog for 12 weeks.


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