VetSpec Senior Helps Hudson Find a Spring in His Step!

Hudson, a 10-year-old Jack Russell x Shih Tzu owned by Mo Griffiths from North Lincolnshire, had always been a lively dog, enjoying his dog-training and taking part in obedience, agility and fly-ball in his younger days.

However about four years ago, Mo noticed that although he still loved his exercise and training, he was becoming a little stiff the following day, and this gradually progressed until one day he could hardly walk the next day, and Mo realised it was time for him to slow down.

They stopped the training and running around and just went out for walks but even after a slightly longer walk than usual, Hudson was still very steady and had to be lifted down from the sofa.

Then Mo heard about VetSpec and decided to try Hudson on VetSpec Senior, a canine supplement specifically formulated for the older dog, providing the extra micronutrients needed to support a long, healthy and active old age.


VetSpec Senior is formulated by experienced nutritionists with scientifically-proven ingredients, including probiotics to help maintain gut health, antioxidants to help reduce oxidative damage plus vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain healthy joint mobility.

It is ideal for elderly dogs, dogs (like Hudson) with reduced mobility, senior dogs that are losing condition, dogs needing gastro-intestinal support and those recovering from surgery or veterinary treatment and dogs showing signs of senility.

Said Anna Welch BVSc, BSc, MRVCS, Veterinary Nutritionist at VetSpec: “When a joint is subject to trauma from repeated or excessive use, the inflammation of the synovial membrane can lead to cartilage damage which commonly shows as pain, swelling and reduced mobility. Glucosamine is a component of Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s), which are essential constituents of cartilage and synovial fluid. The thick joint fluid acts as a lubricant for joint surfaces and with cartilage, provides shock absorption to minimise concussive forces travelling up the limbs. Ample glucosamine is produced in healthy joints but damaged joints produce less, hence the requirement for supplementation.”

Said Hudson’s owner, Mo,“After just a few weeks on VetSpec Senior, I can already see the difference it is making to Hudson’s mobility. He can now easily get down from the sofa and is no longer stiff after going for a good walk. He has a spring in his step again!”

VetSpec Senior is wheat gluten-free and has full traceability of all ingredients.

The range is available in 200g tubs (4 weeks supply for a 20kg dog) or 500g tubs (12 weeks supply for a 20kg dog). Simply add to your dog’s normal food.


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