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‘Dog Training Classes – What should I expect?’


Alan GardnerDog training classes are a great way to socialise your dog and teach some basic obedience such ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and to walk on the lead. As well as making owning your dog a more pleasurable experience, your dog will gain much needed mental stimulation.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme includes the following exercises. These all help to form good behaviour and the basis for further training.

  1. Walking on Lead without distractions.
  2. Control at Door/Gate. The handler and dog to walk through a gate/doorway under control and on a lead.
  3. Controlled Walk Amongst People And Dogs. Handler to remain in control of their dog whilst walking amongst people, dogs and distractions.
  4. Stay on Lead for One Minute. The dog will stay on the spot while the handler moves away for one minute.
  5. Return to Handler. The dog returns to its handler when instructed to do so.

When investigating a new ‘school’ to take your dog to training classes, you should review the following:

  • Are the instructors using reward based methods with lots of motivation? Choke chains and harsh methods have no place in today’s dog training.
  • Do the other ‘regulars’ seem engaged and happy to be training in that environment?
  • Are the dogs generally under control and working in a calm fashion?
  • Most importantly does the environment ‘just seem right’? Trust your instinct. It’s easy to see a school where the both the dogs and handlers seem happy.

Remember a trained dog is both a happy dog and a pleasure to own!



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