Syrah Settles Down with VetSpec Calm & Focused

Syrah, an 18 month old Boxer owned by Debbie Bell, was proving a little unruly and had a few anxiety issues, so Debbie tried our Calm & Focused supplement.

Syrah (Debbie Bell)


VetSpec Calm & Focused is a specially formulated canine supplement with scientifically proven ingredients including tryptophan – a natural precursor of serotonin and the yeast products FOS and MOS to help maintain a healthy gut environment, and is wheat gluten free with full traceability of all ingredients


It can help improve a dog’s concentration and obedience, reduce nervousness and fear of loud noises, strangers, travelling, and separation anxiety.


calm & focused


Said Debbie, “Syrah is definitely listening to me much more now, and when I leave her alone in the house, she no longer frets or chews the skirting boards, which is brilliant!”


Simply add VetSpec Calm & Focused to your dog’s normal feed. A 500g tub will last a 20kg dog for 12 weeks. Also available in a 200g tub (4 weeks supply for a 20kg dog).

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