Write in and Win with PetSpec

DO you supplement your dog’s feed with PetSpec?

Do you have a great story to tell us about how PetSpec brings out the best in your dog?

If so share your story with the team at PetSpec, we want to hear from you. From working dogs to supreme show dogs or just your pampered pooch friend, let us know if our products have helped you.

If your story and photos are published on the PetSpec website you will win yourself a tub of the supplement of your choice from the range.

The PetSpec professional dog food range of canine additives have been formulated to ensure that dogs used for specialist purposes (e.g. shooting, trialling, showing) or those subject to stress or old age have the additional nutritional support they need to maximise performance and maintain a long healthy life.

Included in the range is PetSpec Professional Calm & Focused, PetSpec Professional Joint Mobility, PetSpec Professional Senior Dog, PetSpec Professional Show Dog and PetSpec Professional Working Dog.

For more information about the PetSpec range contact the nutritional helpline on 01845 565030.

Please email your stories and photos to info@petspec.co.uk

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