Think About Your Dog This Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night is without doubt a stressful occasion for many dogs but help is on hand thanks to PetSpec Calm & Focused.

A daily additive which increases focus and offsets the effects of stress, PetSpec Calm & Focused helps to:

Reduce fear of loud noises such as fireworks and thunder.

Improve focus and obedience.

Reduce anxiety and over-excitability.

PetSpec Calm & Focused does not sedate, can be fed long term and is wheat gluten free.

It is formulated by experienced nutritionists with scientifically proven ingredients including tryptophan; a natural precursor of serotonin and the yeast products FOS and MOS to help maintain a healthy gut environment.

PetSpec Calm & Focused is recommended by many leading canine behaviourists and trainers including Russell Becque M.A.C.B.T.

Says Russell: “I have been trialling ‘calmers’ for 30 years with limited success rates.  In 2009 I tried PetSpec Dog Calmer with one of my own dogs with great success.  Since then I have recommended it to many of my clients.  In fear or anxiety-related problems this product gives great benefit.  I have personally witnessed it help a badly treated rescued Springer Spaniel live a normal life.  I strongly recommend this product to anyone whose dog is suffering with any kind of fear based or anxiety-based behaviour.”

A 500g tub of PetSpec Calm & Focused will last a typical Retriever (30kg) for over 9 weeks.

Save 10% and get FREE postage and packing on all orders through the website by quoting lessstress0511 in the promotional code box.

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