PetSpec expands nutritional additive range.

The PetSpec Professional range of innovative canine additives has been expanded and improved.  The range now includes Working Dog (VAT free), Calm & Focused, Joint Mobility, Senior Dog and Show Dog. In addition to expanding the range new tamper evident packs with an easy open lid have been introduced to make usage easier.

The range have been formulated by PetSpec’s experienced nutritionists, with scientifically proven ingredients, to provide all the additional nutritional support needed to maximise your dog’s performance and help maintain a long and healthy life.

For example PetSpec Working Dog also contains added Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to ensure that your dog’s joints have all the natural ingredients to optimise joint health and mobility. And PetSpec Calm and Focussed contains a new proven additive to calm excitable and stressed dogs and those whose exuberance does not allow them to focus on their job. It does not sedate the dog, but enables the dog to cope better in stressful situations. Also in the range are Senior Dog, Joint Mobility and Show Dog.

The new PetSpec Professional range is presented as a granular powder, which our trial work has shown increases the availability of ingredients compared to pellets. It can be simply mixed into the dog’s normal feed, if the feed is dry then moisten with a suitable liquid e.g. water, milk or gravy.

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