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Gundog Expert Ryan Kay

Ryan Kay has been involved with gundogs since a child. He was brought up working his father’s Labradors and Cockers on a small shoot in North Yorkshire.

Ryan is part of family run business ‘FarlaVale Gundogs’ which is based in a small hamlet on the outskirts of York. FarlaVale involves a flexible and creative approach to producing a complete modern-day gundog appreciating all breeds and their characteristics.

All the dogs at FarlaVale are fed on VetSpec Super Premium Dog Food.

Agility Dog Trainer Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner has been training dogs for over 30 years and has competed in both Obedience and Agility Competitions. Over the years Alan has seen a change as agility moved from a fun event for obedience / working trial dogs to the fastest growing dog sport in the UK, to a fully international competition.

Along with partner Jackie, Alan runs a dog training business based in Warwickshire called ‘Smart Paws’. The business invests its time in dog training classes from puppy training, agility, obedience, dog behaviour and competition grade classes. Smart Paws believes that enjoyment and fun should be at the heart of dog training and competitions.

Since 2008 ‘Smart Paws’ has been sponsored by VetSpec helping both Alan’s active and retired agility dogs.